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the heart of a

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Authentic Buttermilk Pancake Mixes


We are currently offering the following specialty buttermilk pancake mixes.  Which is your favorite?  Let us know!  Can't decide?  Why not try a variety of flavors by ordering one of our best-selling sampler packs! 



Our original pancake mix is the original FAT SISTER pancake recipe!  Thick and buttery, this pancake is an authentic southern buttermilk pancake.  Just like our Nana used to make!




Butter Pecan


Our Butter Pecan pancake is a true southern specialty!  Made with real pecans, this pancake has just the right combination of of rich buttery texture with a surprising pecan crunch.



Chocolate Chip


Our chocolate chip pancake speaks for itself.  Its our original pancake mix with half a cup of real chocolate chips!  Dessert and breakfast all rolled into one!  YUMMY!



Pumpkin Spice


Our Pumpkin Spice pancake is a delightful combination of butter and special pumpkin spices.  You don't need a holiday to enjoy this special pancake mix.



Peanut Butter




Our Peanut Butter pancake will make you weak in the knees!  This specialty mix contains just the right amount of real pieces of peanut butter making each bite melt in your mouth.  Don't miss out on the craze.  Order yours today!



 Our sampler pack allows you to try a variety of our mixes.  Aren't crazy about a particular flavor?  That's ok, mix and match any combination of our mixes!


Sampler Pack

Pick any 4 mixes for $35.00


Super Sampler Pack

Pick any 5 mixes for $42.00

Sampler Pack (list 4 mixes)
Super Sampler (list 5 mixes)

We also have Organic mixes available through our skinny sister product line! Available for pre-order today!