Straight from the heart of a true southern kitchen...

Cooking Tips:

At Fat Sister, we have cooked thousands and thousands of pancakes.  It’s our job!  Cooking a pancake is not an exact science and there are many factors one should take into account in order to create the perfect pancake.   To help you enjoy our wonderful mixes right in your own home, here are a couple of helpful cooking tips:

1.       Buttermilk – our pancakes call for the use of REAL buttermilk.  Whole buttermilk usually works best but you can also use reduced fat buttermilk.  One important thing to remember is that different types of buttermilk may have different consistencies so it may be necessary slightly adjust the amount of mixture you add to the buttermilk to create the proper thickness in the batter.


2.       Batter – the batter should be relatively thick before pouring it into the pan.  Typically, you should have to use a spoon to get the batter into the cooking pan.  If your batter appears runny, add additional mixture to create a nice thick batter before cooking.


3.       Temperature – temperatures vary with different cooking appliances (gas stoves vs. electric stoves or skillets). It is best to have the pan and oil nice and hot before adding the mixture.  That allows the pancake to begin cooking immediately and prevents the batter from soaking up too much oil.  You may need to adjust the temperature slightly depending on your appliance to get the proper cooking temperature.


4.       Oil – We find that the perfect amount of hot oil in the pan before adding the pancake mix allows for the creation of crisp edges on the pancake – something we find delicious!  However, if you like to cut down on the amount of oil, please do so.  The pancake should cook nicely without the use of too much oil.


5.       Pan – the size of the pan can also affect the amount of oil you may need to use.  The oil should slightly coat the bottom of the pan so the amount of oil needed varies depending on the size of the pan.  If you are using a nonstick pan then the amount of oil can be reduced.  If you are using a cast-iron skillet then a nice coat of oil is necessary.


6.       If you have any questions about how to make the perfect pancake, please shoot us an email and we will be happy to give you advice!


Happy Cookin’!

-The Fat Sister Team