Straight from

the heart of a

true Southern





The name FAT SISTER came from our grandmother, or as we called her, Nana.  She was born in Alabama in 1916 and raised in Louisiana.  She had a twin sister and as the story goes, she was the bigger of the two so they called her "fat sister." Apparently, people in rural Louisiana in the 20s weren't worried about a young girl's self image.  She met and married our grandfather, or as well called him "Paw Paw," and they eventually settled in Texas.  Our father was born in Texas and so were we.


Our mother comes from a long line of southerners as well.  Our Grandmamma and Grandaddy were both born and raised in Texas, and so was she.  Our parents met and married on the Gulf Coast and they eventually had three children, that's us.  We grew up about one swamp over from Louisiana in southeast Texas.


Being true Southerners, all of our family functions centered around the kitchen.  Anything from a birthday to a funeral was a reason to cook something.  And that something, always inspired by southern ingredients and techniques passed down for generations, was always delicious.


Our desire to carry on our family traditions and, more importantly, our family recipes, inspired us to create FAT SISTER.  Our recipes are straight from the heart of a true southern kitchen and we are happy to share them with you.